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Free Scholarship Reviews

Scholarship Reviews: Students Better off using Independent Recommendations

Welcome to our Scholarship Reviews page.  Before you apply for any scholarship, grant, or financial-aid program, you may want to first read our reviews of popular or well known scholarship search services, scholarship programs, as well as reviews of private and national scholarship programs.
Scholarship Reviews: Students Better off using independent scholarship reviews and recommendations. Students are better off reading independent scholarship reviews. Some scholarship reviews do not provide the full detail. Some scholarship reviews omit important information. Scam scholarship search sites rip-off personal information from students and sale to marketers. This website conducts scholarship reviews of all the major scholarships earch services, as well as national and local scholarship programs. If you have a scholarship programs that you want us to perform a scholarship review, then please let us know.

Scholarship Reviews: False Reporting of Favored Scholarship Search Sitee

Too many main-stream media sites are contributing to the rip-off of students seeking scholarships, grants, and financial-aid by recommending the students to inferior scholarship search sites, or scholarship search sites that do little more than peddle students personal information for $20 per address. The purpose of this article is to expose the secrets of scholarship search sites while also putting the spotlight on certain main-stream media publications for using airhead reporters. For example, on January 20, 2011, Scholarship America posted an article on the U.S. News website entitled Compare 5 Top Scholarship Search Engines The article listed many scholarship search engines that Scholarship America claimed that were suitable for students. Among those scholarship search engines that were listed, several were subsequently investigated by CBS News Reports as providing inferior or low quality scholarship search results.

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